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Westwood Neighborhood Association

Meetings are held on the third Wednesday of each month at the Westwood Fire Station, 1310 Nichols Road at 7:00 pm.

We try to keep them to one hour meetings, but many times there is too much to discuss - and that's why we meet - to discuss what's on our minds


recent meeting minutes


Westwood Neighborhood Association Meeting Minutes of January 15, 2020

I. Meeting called to order by President Ron Huster at 7:05 pm

II. Attendance: 18 neighbors and 4 board members  others: Guest from Eastwood Neighborhood Association, Sergeant Matt Davis of Kalamazoo Township Police Dept.

III. Acceptance of prior meeting minutes: As presented, accepted by voice vote

Treasurer's report: current balance is $311.83. No recent expenditures.

IV. Agenda items: as presented

V. Agenda

A. Election of Board Members: Denise moved acceptance of the presented slate of officers.  Warren seconded the motion. Slate elected by unanimous voice vote.

B. Status of public safety: Bob Bolinger presented the current crime report, reflecting 59 crimes  in the past 2 weeks. Crimes of opportunity continue to occur. Remember to lock your car,  house and garage. Install lights to discourage crime.

C. Information from Township Planning Commission meeting and City Planning Commission  meeting

D. Imagine Westwood: General discussion of thoughts about the status of the neighborhood and  what folks want. In surveying the residency of those in attendance, the ratio of city to township  appears to be about 1:3. Marti wonders about seeking input from smaller groups, in order to  better reflect the wishes of residents. The city's time line for input has already passed, with only  a few neighborhoods having submitted their input.

E. Westwood Neighborhood Association open houses: Ron suggested we hold periodic open  houses to reach out to neighbors who don't attend our meetings. He proposes a possible meeting  on Dec. 2, 2020 before the holiday business ensues. Also a meeting in Fray's Park on June 17th  with food.

F. Other business: The left turn onto Drake from Chick Fil A has been resolved and the old  building has been razed. The BP gas station building will also be razed before construction  begins.

Westwood wearing apparel: We receive about $1.00 per shirt sold. Currently the balance resides  at the print shop for future expenditures. Ron is hopeful to be able to offer sweatshirts in the  future.

VI. Committee Reports

A. Communications: We anticipate having speakers at our meetings in the coming months  including Republic regarding the recycling program. Also a representative from the road  commission re plowing concerns. Also, we anticipate hearing from the dispatch center  regarding scheduling tours of that facility, probably in February or March.

B. Fray's Park update; Marti reports that many trees have been tagged, but there has been no  action in removing them, possibly delayed by weather. No new trees have been planted yet  either. There are open positions on the Parks and Recreation Board, interested parties are  encouraged to apply. Frays park is the second largest city park at 11.2 acres. There is no parking  available except street parking. There are 4 public accesses, including Canterbury, Stafford and  Croyden accesses.

VII. Meeting Adjournment meeting adjourned at 8:15 pm by voice vote.

Next meeting dates: Board meeting 2/5/2020

General membership meeting: 2/19/2020

Both at the fire station at 7pm.

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We're proud of our Neighborhood!

Why a neighborhood association?


Neighborhood Safety

We are working  to develop a better Neighborhood Safety Program. 

It needs YOU!

Please contact us to get you in the loop.

We would also like to know if you have any experience with Ring Doorbells?


Our Purpose & Mission

The  Purpose of the Association is to: enhance public safety, encourage sustainable commercial growth, preserve property values, and establish a cooperative relationship with elected officials for all residents of the Westwood community.

 Mission: The mission of the Westwood Neighborhood Association is to further the common and general welfare of the Westwood neighborhood through empowerment of its residents. 


WNA By-Law Change

 At the October 16th meeting, following a public hearing, two changes to the by-laws were approved.

The first one removed the limit of one year terms the President may serve. 

The second changed the term of officers from one year terms to two year terms.

Another proposal was presented saying that a Board Member needs to notify the Board if they intend to join, volunteer, run for position of any board, committee or any office in the Township, City or County.

It was suggested that having Westwood represented in any matter could be beneficial, just the Board needs to be aware and determine if there is a conflict. 

If you have a comment about this, please e-mail.

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We meet the 3rd Wednesday of each month at the Westwood Fire Station 1310 Nichols Road 7:00 PM

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