Why a neighborhood association?

Neighborhood Safety


We are working  to develop a better Neighborhood Safety Program. 

It needs YOU!

Please contact us to get you in the loop.

We would also like to know if you have any experience with Ring Doorbells?

Our Purpose & Mission


The  Purpose of the Association is to: enhance public safety, encourage sustainable commercial growth, preserve property values, and establish a cooperative relationship with elected officials for all residents of the Westwood community.

 Mission: The mission of the Westwood Neighborhood Association is to further the common and general welfare of the Westwood neighborhood through empowerment of its residents. 

Westwood Issues


The Westwood Neighborhood Association strives to keep abreast of zoning changes , issues and  appeals. We try to have a presence at meetings that effect Westwood, both City & Township. We strive to get information out to you through this web site as well as Face Book, Nextdoor and e-mail. 

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Tell Us Your Special Skills


Westwood is a great place to live, work and worship. We are a great community with neighbors who care about each other.

The neighborhood association would like to know what skills and interests each of you have so that we can connect you with events and no - obligation service opportunities as they come along.

Please fill out the following form to let us know more about you!  

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Do You See Needs?


Not all the residents of Westwood are 100% self-sufficient. Some have un-met needs - maybe as simple as a ride to a doctor appointment of to pick-up groceries or prescriptions. There are agencies to help or maybe a neighbor might want to assist? 

Look around your neighborhood.

Help Knowing The Rules


Some neighbors are not aware that burning leaves, trash or garbage is against the law in Westwood. The city and township have similar ordinances against open burning and trash barrel burning.

Do you still have neighbors breaking the law? If you can furnish some information, we can see that they receive notice of the ordinance, without involving the governing agencies - unless it continues. 

Tell Your Neighbors


 Tell your neighbors about Westwood Neighborhood Association! They might be interested in the neighborhood, too!   

Imagine Kalamazoo 2025


Kalamazoo has a project in which we are participating, called: IMAGINE KALAMAZOO 2025. 

We want to have YOU think about and communicate to us what you would like Westwood to look like in 2025! 

We welcome your comments at any time and plan some public events where people can express their insight. It's all about what you want to see!

Call or e-mail today!

Report Defective Street Lights


You can easily report defective or not working street lights. We have a link to the reporting site where you can report the exact location:

(Click Here)

updates- newest first!

Weather-Alert Radio


Kalamazoo Township has elected not to spend over $250,000 to repair/upgrade the weather emergency sirens in the neighborhoods - which many people say they couldn't hear with their house windows closed.

As an alternate, there are many weather-alert services available for your smart phone PLUS the Township is offering these Weather Alert Radios for $25.(Their cost)

The Midland WR120 weather alert radio is a special radio which provides weather alerts and gives advanced warning. It uses S.A.M.E. digital technology which enables the user to get an excellent reception. It has 7 channels which help you to get the weather reports quickly. Not only can you receive local weather reports, but reports for neighboring counties. The NOAA weather radio enables you to program up to 25 counties with ease. 

The WR120 is trilingual and can store up to 10 weather alerts and hazards at a time. The user can also get 3 selectable warning systems and comes along with AC power adapter, and in case of blackouts you can use three AA batteries (not-included) for emergency power backup. Apart from giving out weather alerts the weather alert radio can also be used as an alarm clock and displays date and time on its screen. 

WR120 Features: Weather Alert Radio, Public-Alert Certified Monitor -Receives 7 NOAA Channels, SAME Localized Reception, 25-County Memory System, 90dB Siren, Voice Alert & Flashing LED Warning Systems, Built-In Clock w/ Alarm & Snooze, Trilingual -English, Spanish & French, Continuous Backlighting Option -Keeps The LCD On Color Coded Alert Indicators and Public Alert Certified. 

Available at the Township Offices 1720 Riverview Drive.

Westwood Updates (Newest First)

In the Westwood News section, below the "Farmer's Markets page, we've added more info about the new Drive & Shine Car Wash Facility going in at the old Davenport University site.



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We meet the 3rd Wednesday of each month at the Westwood Fire Station 1310 Nichols Road 7:00 PM

You can Help Support Our Work & Mission

If you would like to donate to help us achieve our purpose and follow our mission, you may do that here. The funds go directly into the Westwood Neighborhood Association account. 

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