talis market gas pump proposal


New Plan

Biggest change: work to be done on existing store building


Changes Added

As shown, the entrance to the store would be moved to a location much closer to the gas pump islands. Windows are now shown to provide visual contact between cashier and pumps.


New Landscaping

Additional landscaping would be added. 

Nichols road and Kalamazoo River Valley Trail safety concerns are still present. Also, this might be the end of possible sidewalks connecting Westwood and the KRV Trail. 

westwood christian reform church property changes

Removing Asphalt For Grass!


Plans are to remove unused parking spaces.

This appears to be completed.

Property To Be Split


The lot to the south that the church purchased in 2002 is planned to be sold.

Around westwood


MDOT Plans For West Main Street On Hold Due to Lack of County Funding.

MDOT has been listening to residents input concerning M-43 (West Main Street) from Menards on the west to Drake Road on the east.

They have developed a short and longer range plan for the area to help safe traffic flow while understanding that traffic will continue to increase over the next few years, too.

It is a large plan so I'm providing a link to the presentation that was made last month. (Click Here)

Kalamazoo County is not interested in helping to fund this project so it is on hold


Kalamazoo River Valley Trail

Just East of Nichols Road on the Kalamazoo River Valley Trail, is this 2.6 mili milepost.

If you look closely (or enlarge the picture), you will see a small plaque the contains the words "Westwood Neighborhood Association"


New “Kalamazoo Youth Mobility Fund” partnership will create free public transit for Kalamazoo Public School high schoolers beginning with the 2019/2020 school year

With the financial support of the Foundation for Excellence’s new “Youth Mobility Fund,” The City of Kalamazoo, Kalamazoo Public Schools, Metro and Kalamazoo Public Libraries are partnering in order to remove one of the top challenges to youth development in Kalamazoo: transportation.  The Youth Mobility Fun vision is simple: beginning with distribution of school IDs for the 2019/2020 school year, any KPS high schooler with a valid school ID can board a Metro bus anywhere in the system, tap the ID on the farebox, and ride for free an unlimited number of times.

The initiative is envisioned as removing a main barrier to educational, employment, social and cultural opportunities for youth. Cards will also continue to be useful as library cards per the existing partnership with Kalamazoo Public Libraries. This will also leverage countless youth development initiatives in the city and supercharge educational opportunity generally. Over time, the program will seek to expand to be as comprehensive of youth and young people in the city as available resources allow. 

More information will be coming soon!  For more information on this project, please call (269) 337-8233.

Learn More

Frequently Asked Questions about the Youth Mobility Fund - Click Here

Neighborhood issues & information


Project On Hold

(Updated 09/17/2019)

The project is on hold while the owners try to get a different ruling as the City is not willing to allow left turns onto Drake Road from the property. The owners want to new proposed exit at the extreme north end of the property to have a left turn lane. 

Other store owners object as that traffic would be rushing past the fronts of their stores to exit on Piccadilly   

Kalamazoo Public Schools Bus Garage

Kalamazoo Public Schools is building a new transportation facility including a bus garage at the former Statler site in the 1800 block of Ravine Road (actually in Northwood, but just across the street).

We will be watching how traffic changes on Ravine Road after the facility opens.


More information:

Advertising In Your Drive


 Newspaper/Advertising delivered to driveways: The Township Manager is scheduling a meeting between M-Live, Township Trustees and a couple of township residents. Our hope is to have them understand our feelings and allow us to work with the delivery services to correct this weekly blight. Once we achieve this, we will do the same with the City. 

Blight At West Main & Drake


 BP station in Westwood Plaza:

The Westwood Neighborhood Association has filed a complaint again with the city as the building was open to casual entry - again. We also filed the same complaint with the leasing agent.

The building has been secured again.

We will be pushing harder on this if we can get help from store owners in the plaza.

 Talks continue with the owner to purchase and demolish, making room for a couple more stores east of the existing structure. Fingers still crossed on this one.  

Former Davenport Site


 Car Wash at former Davenport University site

(Updated 05/15)

Moving along.  

The main buildings in the front should be demolished shortly, leaving the rear building to be remodeled and used for offices.

The car wash is an “attended” one and people clean the inside of the cars as well as wash the windows. There is also an auto detailing service in the building as well as an attached oil change facility. 

The owners claim that an individual might use up to 100 gallons of water to do what they do and they would use about ten gallons – about 80% of that comes from their re-using tanks under the floor.

Remembering Snow Plowing


 Road Commission of Kalamazoo County: Later this summer, the Township has a meeting with the RCKC to discuss problems, suggestions, rates and whatever needs attention. We will be there. Our goal is to be certain that they understand the importance of clearing Westwood streets. We also want a representative to speak at a future WNA meeting. 

Pick-ups Not As Scheduled


Updated 05/04/2019 

Republic Services: Later this summer, the Township has a meeting with representatives to discuss services, rates for the next year and problems. We will be there. Our goal is to help them understand why prompt pick-ups are important and to get a representative to speak to us again at a future WNA meeting. 

------- May update ; Still receiving service complaints about containers not being picked up as promised. 

If you are experiences problems with Republic, please send us an e-mail. We want to cover all the problems we can at this year's meeting.

Thank you.

other issues your association is following:

Dog Park


 Dog Park West Main @ Grand Pre: 

A Public Hearing was held on July 11, 2019 at the Township Hall. 

The property owners presented their plan and then several Westwood residents spoke against the project sighting the following: Dangerous spot already on West Main Street, no parking except in the right-of-way of the residents living closest to the park, overall small size of the park, the proposed separate hours for small & large dogs, any supervision is too far away to be called supervision, Possibility of dogs getting loose so close to M-43 and activity in the park being a distraction to drivers going past.

Update on House Fire


The house fire a few months ago on Grand Prairie, is still tied up in litigation. 

Lawn is being mowed, but that's about the only activity.

Keep Storm Drains Clear


If you have storm water drains near your property please do your neighborhood a big service by keeping them clear of debris! Blocked drains cause street flooding and worse.

If the drains near you are clear and water back-ups are still occurring, contact us. We need to be sure that the drain commissioner is aware and working on these issues.